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                     About me


Hi! My name is Lesley Burke.  I am a Mansfield Physical Education teacher with a degree in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University.  I have been teaching PE for 30 years.  I have taught swimming lessons for 20 years. I am an avid runner and triathlete and competed and finished 4 Full Ironmans, Ironman Florida in 2015, Ironman Louisville in 2016 and Ironman Arizona in 2021.  At Arizona I qualified for the World Championships in Kona , Hawaii in October 2022.  It is a dream come true!!  Kona was very challenging but so rewarding. Triathlons are a lot of fun but hard work. I enjoy teaching kids to swim because I feel like its a valuable life lesson that needs to be

learned by everyone to ensure safety and confidence around water.  I take pride in teaching kids correct form from Day 1.  Correct form should be reached by every child so that swimming feels easier.  I can continue to progress each student into learning new strokes if they conquer the basics of proper form first before advancing to new strokes. 

Dedicated to Teaching Individuals to Swim Confidently

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